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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 14, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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dramatic changes coming up in 15 minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you soon. take you back outside, live pictures in palo alto, the peninsula is red hot with temperatures in the mid-90s. most people actually on the peninsula don't have air conditioning. it's the same story in the south bay. nbc bay area's kris sanchez continues from san jose. kris? >> reporter: hi, raj. certainly no denying the heat, though we are getting a little break. the temperature there just dropped by one degree so we are a balmy 95 degrees. and in this heat there are a lot of workers toiling as homeowners try to figure out how they'll stay cool in the months to come. this is hot. >> we've been booked up on appointments and installations. >> reporter: in fact, customers are booking two weeks in advance as the reality sets in that this heat is likely here to stay. with triple digit heat in the south bay, even if you already have an air conditioning system, the pros say now is the time to
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have it checked out to make sure it's working efficiently. for the do-it-yourselfer, make sure there aren't leaves inside and on top and -- >> clean your furnace and filter as well. it will make the system work more efficiently. >> reporter: no drastic increase in power this week but advises dropping your power bill by keeping the thermostat at 78 degrees when you're home, 85 when you're away. by not using power between noon and 7:00 and using the microwave instead of the oven, also turning off any lights you don't need. and some homeowners are using the heat and sun to their advantage. >> business picks up rapidly when it hits summertime. a lot of people use their a/c and stuff so we get a lot -- >> reporter: now, i did call valley medical center in santa clara county ems to see if they've gotten any heat related illness calls. they haven't, but they are ready. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc
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bay area. >> kris mentioned the power grid situation. we have more detail bz that. despite the heat, it's not being pushed to the limit. this graph shows the power supply is meeting the demand. the orange line is what's available and the blue line below that is what we're currently using. pretty good news there, judging by this graph we are far from a flex alert. so how do you beat the heat? it was pretty tough this afternoon for baseball fans, both the a's and giants played at home in the sweltering temps. wet want to bridge you a live picture of at&t park. it was the low 90s there today and one fan said she was baking. nbc bay area's sheryl herd is live at the park. >> reporter: a lot of folks beat the heat by wearing shorts, using sunscreen with a lot of water. it got up to 90 degrees in parts of the city and some people here even suffered heatstroke. but i didn't find a lot of
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people complaining. break out the portable fans. it's hot in san francisco and giants fans know how to stay cool. >> we're staying in the shade, keeping our sunglasses on and drinking some beer. >> reporter: we'll get to the beer later, but outside almost everyone had a bottle of water in their hand. >> it's kind of uncanny. i just retired so i can actually come to a day game. i had to pick the hottest day we've had so far. >> reporter: hundreds of people had the same idea and all had a game plan to beat the heat. >> i'm going to go in there and get a nice large cup of something with plenty of ice. >> reporter: inside at&t park, everyone was baking in the hot sun and drinking something. and, oh, yeah, a lot of folks chose beer. it was so hot inside the park, paramedics were working twice as hard, helping people stay cool. >> felt pretty good, then i got
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weak. this is what i needed. >> reporter: needed some ice. >> and to sit down. paramedics tell me on hot days like this they see about 20 people. today they say that number more than doubled. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sheryl heard, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. our hot weather coverage continues online at click on the box that says bay area weather info to track the temperature in your neighborhood. will just enter your zip code. we're following breaking news once again in san diego county. we want to show you a live picture now in carlsbad, an upscale community north of san diego. we've just learned that three homes have been destroyed and another 15 have been damaged. you see the intense flames right there. once again, this is a live shot. also an apartment building is burning, 15,000 people have been evacuated at this hour. but this isn't the only problem. take a look at this map. firefighters in san diego county are fighting five other fires
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right now. the latest to break out is right near cal state san marcos. we'll stay on top of this breaking story and bring you a live report from carlsbad coming up in about ten minutes. back here in the bay area, firefighters in sunnyvale are still trying to it figure out what started a mobile home fire that killed one woman inside. this happened just before 12:30 p.m. firefighters saw heavy smoke and flames coming from this home at the rancho le mesa mobile home park on sycamore terrace. one body was found inside after they knocked out the fire. the identity of the victim has not been released yet. we have new details tonight on the mountain view police officer arrested for child porn. this is 36-year-old kevin wynn, a seven-year veteran of the department. mountain view police have already issued an open letter to the public saying they're saddened and disappointed. nbc's mark matthews joins us. officer wynn was well respected not just in mountain view but across the bay area. >> reporter: that's true, raj. we'll get to that in just a second.
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but first, wynn was arrested here at mountain view police headquarters just about this time yesterday. mountain view patrolman kevin wynn was coming back to work on the edge shift when san jose police raided his home, seizing his laptop computer. san jose police made the arrest last evening after getting the go-ahead from the city's internet crimes against children task force. >> i can tell you that the detectives were alerted to some pornography that was either being received or shared, and they had enough information to secure a search warrant. >> reporter: a spokesman for the police confirmed that child pornography was found on the computer taken from nguyen's home. >> it certainly has left us all with a sinking feeling in our stomach that even though certainly we wouldn't want to believe anything liking that is possible that even that allegation was being investigated. >> reporter: he was booked into santa clara's main jail but bailed out today.
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the bail schedule for the charge is $25,000. chief ma rear told me that he is best known in the department for his police sketches, a talented artist. there is it a web site showing off his sketches alongside mug shots of the suspects after they were arrested. ironically in the left hand column of that web site, it apeerns nguyen drew himself as an example of a suspect. we heard raj say at the top the chief has written an open letter to the community about this arrest. we will get to that and we'll hear reaction from some longtime residents coming up at 6:00. reporting from mountain view, mark emergency thuz, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00, an arrest for video voyeurism. he was arrested after a two-month investigation. a female student reported that twice someone held a smartphone over the top of her shower stall and recorded video of her. she says that person ran off when she screamed. do was arrested on six kouptds
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of peeping with electronic equipment. violence in richmond. a 14-year-old boy shot, he is recovering tonight. it happened just before class started at kennedy high xooxt the school resource officer responded to reports of a fight at a dmeers by park and then told police he heard a gunshot. a student was hit in the leg but managed to run from the park across cutting boulevard to the school. as a precaution, the campus was locked down. students and families are uneasy tonight. >> got to keep them out until monday. maybe it will blow over, come back to school get his homework that he'll miss. then i could keep him safe iext not saying they didn't. but they did. but i can keep him safe, too. krounchtsors were brought in to talk to students today. the wounded student was hospitalized and is expected to recover. want to get back to our breaking news in carlsbad. these are live pictures of the flames down in southern california. this is just north of san diego. dozens of homes destroyed or
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damaged as this fire rages on. just ahead, we'll have a live report from the fire lines. also -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman in san jose chshgs is accusing one of its casinos of lying about gambling profits. come ing up, why the city says it's costing it money. and a vicious dog attack caught on camera. it's the surprising thing a cat did that has people watching a certain video. then at 6:00, south bay history revealed. >> you may have noticed the neon sign out there. that's original. >> why the demolition of an old building brings back memories of the day babe ruth came to town and a mystery that still needs to be solved. new at 6:00.
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san francisco police raided the hells angels clubhouse this morning and arrested one person. this happened around 5:00 a.m. in the dog patch neighborhood.
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the gang task force blocked off streets while executing a search warrant. officers took charles nuchy into custody. they say he was one of the membe members who attacked someone last year and seriously hurting that person. he faces aggravated assault charges. tonight a story of missing money and a trail that leads to a department head at san jose state. we've discovered an unusual conclusion. tony, how serious is this and how much money are we talking about here? >> raj, we're talking about $7,000 and the university have to answer some tough questions tonight. bottom line here, they're saying no justice after an investigation of the justice studies department at san jose state. the questions center on what happened after the department head admitted to using money from an unauthorized bank account to buy personal items like an ipad, plane tickets and cell phone charges. students staff and professor calling for a deeper investigation. >> this is the justice studies department. was justice served here?
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>> justice is absolutely not served here. >> when the university's investigations says no fiscal improprieties, yet it's unauthorized checking account. >> that wasn't my investigation. that was the university investigation. >> do you think there were fiscal improprietiys, sir? >> tonight at 11:00, tough questions about san jose state's investigation into money spent from an unauthorized checking account. it's spending that leds to the head of the department. we dig into what wasn't done and ask why. we investigate tonight at 11:00 right here on nbc bay area. >> look forward to 11:00. if you have a tip for tony or anyone else in our investigative unit, we urge you to call our tip line, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. it's a san jose casino hiding money from the city? explosive allegations today that casino matrix is lying about its bottom line. scott budman is live with the details and the casino's response.
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can scott? >> reporter: well, janelle, this all started a couple of weeks ago when state attorney general accuseed the company that owns the casino about being dishonest about their profits. today, more allegations from the city of san jose. allegations first from the state attorney general and now the city of san jose that casino matrix has been hiding tens of millions of dollars in profits. profits that are supposed to help san jose's tax base and local charities aimed at fighting problem gambling. >> i'm calling for city officials to shut the down doors to the casino in 30 days if the club fails to pay the millions it owes under a 2009 settlement agreeme agreement. >> reporter: sam liccardo says casino matrix could be hiding as much as $60 million from the city. we spoke to a spokesperson for
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casino matrix who calls the allegations false. >> they're accusations and they're unfounded and we think that they will come out to be proven untrue. >> reporter: casino matrix's gambling license renewal is subject to a hearing scheduled to take place on may 29th. now, today's allegations also cover charitable organizations. tonight at 6:00, you'll hear from one such group that helps problem gamblers. they say they have a deal with casino matrix and may be missing money as well. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. now to the east bay, they look far and wide but their answer was right in front of them. oakland has hired a new police chief. the city has hired its interim chief to take over full time. >> this past year has been a time of significant change and significant progress. oakland is a safer city today than it was a year ago. >> reporter: the statistics back
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that up. sean went was praised by the mayor you see here and the city administrator for his adoption of crime reduction strategies which have led to fewer shootings, robberies and home burglaries this year alone. we want to take you back to that breaking news in southern california. a scary sight, several large wildfires burning in san diego county right now, including the latest one that broke out near cal state san marcos. firefighters from across the state, including the bay area, and morgan hill, they've sent crews to help the crews in so cal. the most destructive fire so far is this one in carlsbad where several homes have burned to the ground. 15,000 people have been evacuated. >> these live pictures really tell the story. artie ojeda is on the fire line in carlsbad. what do you have for us? >> reporter: good to talk to you. we are in carlsbad, about a half hour drive north of san diego. three homes at least destroyed here in carlsbad but within the last hour i want to show you over my shoulder here you can
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see the thick black smoke, that's to our west in san marcos. you mentioned san marcos. this is where cal state san marcos is, the university has been evacuated as well as other areas in northern san diego county. this two of five major fire that's have burned today. the fires fueled by strong santa ana winds and scorching heat. we got an update from fire officials just a short time ago. they told us that three homes in carlsbad had been damaged but within the last hour i can tell you an apartment complex was on fire. one building with ten units. that fire apparently started by embers that had drifted over onto the building. 15 to 20 other homes have also been damaged and needless to say this is going to be a long night for fire crews. 15,000 people have been evacuated here in carlsbad, many others over in san marcos and other areas. there's also a fire burning at camp pendleton. 600 acres there so far, that
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fire being managed mostly by military aircraft. also legoland locate nd karlz band has been evacuated, mostly because of power outages. obviously here in carlsbad this 120-acre fire is far from being contained and the winds have wreaked havoc as fire crews -- they've it done a tremendous job attacking this thing from the ground. cal fire air tankers dropping fire retardant. here is what fire officials had to say about the fire just a short time ago. >> this morning when this fire started, the fire behavior and the fuel conditions we see are what typically we see in june, july and august, not in may. the fire behavior was extreme. from the minute that fire started it was immediately threatening homes and evacuations were in progress. >> reporter: that fire, that information from carlsbad but again you can see fire burning to our west at san marcos in san marcos near cal state university san marcos. two of five major fires that
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have burned in northern san diego county today. i'm artie ojeda reporting, raj and janelle, back to you. >> very good information, thank you artie. artie was talking about it and the fire chief down there. this is kind of like the new norm. jeff ranieri, fire season not just reserved for july and august but right now in may. >> with our third year now in a drought it certainly is the case across a lot of california. bone-dry conditions. the fire we were just talking about right there just to the south of carlsbad, what you're going to see here is they're dealing with dry offshore winds. we have a red flag fire warning until 8:00 p.m. that could even be extended with temperatures that will be in the 80s to low 90s. dangerously low humidity in the single digits with wind gusts tonight up to 40 miles per hour. the good news for that fire, as we head throughout tomorrow, wre expecting some calmer winds to eventually move in. 5 to about 15. let's look at some of the top six hottest cities across the bay area. every one of these as you can see reached 100 degrees today,
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cupertino, gilroy, palo alto, and also in all ma deny valley. but we are beginning to see sign fz changes. we'll take you outside to the sky camera network. it is sunny, it's warm, but it's not as warm as it was this time last night. temperatures are already in the 80s right now across the north bay. about three to stim degrees cooler. we're seeing temperatures in the east bay but dangerously low humidity at 9%s, keeping that fire dang irup there. and currently 91 degrees in the south bay, still some of the hottest air trapped across the south bay. but it's in san francisco i want to take you. what you'll see are the winds coming out of the west-southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. you can see the flag blowing out of the west, and that means we've got cooling onshore winds that are beginning to come back. that's a sign of some cooling. so primarily in the forecast it's been all about high pressure. that's what brought the heat and what really pushed our temperatures right up to record setting territory, the hottest day of 2014. but here's the thing.
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as we head throughout tonight, also tomorrow, high pressure is going to begin to fade. that will push off towards the south and also the east. here comes the storm track. the jet stream, that's going to do what we call more of a zonal flow. it will move from the west to the east and over the next three 0 days we expect much colder temperatures to arrive with these onshore winds and eventually fog building back into the forecast. i don't think we'll wake up tomorrow and have a completely foggy morning at the coastline, but just getting that wind to change is going to bring us much more comfortable temperatures. you can see in san jose instead of 100 degrees like we had in the south part today, we'll go with 94. seven degrees cooler in palo al alto. instead of 90s we drop to 88 in san mateo. after record setting heat two days in the 90s in downtown san francisco, 80 tomorrow there. and the marina, likely 79. across the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, you'll see 92 in
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napa for tomorrow, cooler breeze near oakland, should drop you to 86, also helping to drop the fire danger. and for the tri-valley 96 in pleasanton and also livermore. really, everyone, it's all about the cooling as we head throughout the next couple of days. what you're going to find here tomorrow, 90s inland, gilroy 96 to 79 by saturday. we'll also drop from 94 in san jose down to 77. if you're thinking of a beach weekend, you're going to twant to take the jacket, from 73 in half moon bay thursday down to 62 degrees. >> relief is on the way. thank goodness. still ahead, unbelievable video of a vicious dog attack. but the story has a happy ending. the surprise hero who raced in and saved the day.
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who's watching and why. palo alto's mysterious cameras, the city is using these cameras to track how many bicyclists and pedestrians are on the streets of palo alto. however, many people who live there say the cameras are invasive and some even point directly at their had homes. palo alto plans to improve street conditions and then destroy the videos. this might be the best cat video we've ever seen. security cameras at bakersfield caught the family house cat running to the rescue of a 4-year-old boy. seriously. >> the neighbor's dog sneaks up as you see behind an suv and then lungs at the 4-year-old boy jeremy, biting his leg. the boy and the bike go down. but the house cat comes in the rescue, tackles the dog and goes after it, chasing it away. jeremy's mom says the cat saved jeremy from more serious injuries. >> and by the time i got to him,
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i mean, i'm just thankful she got him off that much sooner. >> jeremy had to get ten stitches at the hospital but will be okay. the dog a labrador chow mix also bit jeremy's mom. the dog is in quarantine. tara is the hero. >> cat to the rescue, literally. >> i know. amazing. so impressive. one of the bay area'smarks makeover, next. after people find a dentist through us, they often say,
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we'll be back in 30 minutes. tonight at 6:00, taking control. inside uc regent's new plan to combat campus sexual assaults. also the latest on the breaking news in southern california. five wildfires raging in san diego county at this hour. live picture from carlsbad one of the biggest fires burning, thousands of people have been asked to evacuate their homes and the fire has already damaged or destroyed dozens of homes. we're going to have the latest in a live report at 6:00. san francisco's iconic coit tower reopened today following an eight-month restoration project. coit tower closed in october for a $1.7 million restoration, leaky roofz and general decay had damaged the building's historic 1930s murals. artists spent weeks restoring the murals to their original condition. now, community groups actually pressured the city to restore the tower, even passing a ballot measure. the tower opened in 1933 in tribute to the eccentric lily
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coit. she left money to build the monument in tribute to the fire department. beautiful. >> see you at 6:00. adcast tonight, state of emergency, thousands ordered to evacuate as wildfires explode across southern california. dozens of homes going up in flames at the start of a very dangerous time ahead. race against time to reach hundreds of miners trapped deep underground, and tonight, a violent uproar at the scene of an awful disaster. our own richard engel is there. hallowed ground. before it opens to the public, we have a powerful first look tonight inside the 9/11 museum with the woman whose job it was to bring it altogether. and grace under fire. she left hollywood behind for life as a princess but what was going on in the world we couldn't see? tonight, why grace kelly's children are coming to her defense. "nightly news" begins now.


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